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Leadership Institute's July 4th Conservative Soire

Since 1972, conservatives have celebrated Independence Day at the National Fourth of July Conservative Soiree.

Join the Leadership Institute and other sponsoring conservative organizations for the 42nd annual soiree -- the best family party of the year!

You'll enjoy delicious barbeque; a bluegrass band; patriotic speakers; and a balloon artist, face-painting, and a moonbounce for the kids.

D.C. City Council - June 6

Bill 20-125, Social Impact Financing Amendment Act of 2013, would amend the Procurement Practices Reform Act of 2010 to establish that Social Impact Bond contract agreements may be used by the District of Columbia government to procure specific social or human care services.

Those who wish to testify are asked to telephone the Committee of the Whole, at (202) 724-8196, or e-mail Evan Cash, Committee Director, at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and provide their name, address, telephone number, and organizational affiliation, if any, by the close of business Tuesday, June 4, 2013.  Persons wishing to testify are encouraged, but not required, to submit 15 copies of written testimony.  If submitted by the close of business on June 4, 2013, the testimony will be distributed to Councilmembers before the hearing.  Witnesses should limit their testimony to five minutes; less time will be allowed if there are a large number of witnesses.


If you are unable to testify at the hearing, written statements are encouraged and will be made part of the official record.  Copies of the written statements should be submitted to the Committee of  the Whole, Council of the District of Columbia, Suite 410 of the John A. Wilson Building, 1350 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW, Washington DC 20004.  The record will be closed at 5pm on Thursday, June 20, 2013.


June 6, 2013 @ 11:00 am - 12:00 pm


Wilson Building
1350 Pennsylvania Avenue Northwest
Washington,DC 20004

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Brent Bozell Speaks at Ronald Reagan Lecture Series

Brent Bozell gave a great presentation on Tuesday regarding the State of the world, the importance of understanding our role in it, and how the media does such a bangup job of making sure that the current powers that be are not held accountable for their actions.

brent-bozell-rrlsA couple of things really stood out from his speech.  One was his opening was all about the history of where we were sitting. Right here in Loudoun County there is a deep history of our founding that we seem to under-appreciate, and we’re surrounded by miles and miles of history where the seeds of Liberty and Prosperity were sewn and thousands of lives were lost in the Revolutionary and Civil Wars.  Mr. Bozell talked about Mosby’s Raiders (including a very moving story of Albert Gallatin Willis and what real sacrifice means),  Antietam Battlefields and Stonewall Jackson.  It was a humbling experience to realize exactly where we all sat and how little we think about it from day to day, and the overall importance of knowing and understanding our culture and history.

As someone who is pretty popular at pointing out how ridiculous of a situation we find ourselves in today, Mr. Bozell did a fantastic job of offering a little perspective, albeit with a little warning, about the importance of not only understanding our past, but learning from it.

The other important part of the talk which really should have woken anyone up who considers themselves a defender of Liberty, was the closing, where he had these rather tough words:

…Do not look at the Congressman you elected, or that Senator you elected, that Governor you elected. Don’t blame them for what’s happened in this country.  Take a hard look at yourselves — and I take a hard look at myself. Ask yourself: have you done everything in your power to advance liberty in this country? What’s the ultimate sacrifice you have made — YOU have made — for your country? What have you done?

…[I]n the final analysis, don’t you owe it to your children and their children, and their progeny still to come? To give to them what was given to you. I think you do.

So make the commitment to be yourselves. Make yourselves the commitment to be Americans who love freedom, who love this country, who love virtuous society, who love and honor prosperity, and who most importantly are patriotic, believing that this is the single greatest nation in the history of man, and if it is, then God intended us on this earth for a purpose. Honor that purpose…

There were well over 100 people packed into the tent there at the Thomas Birkby House in Downtown Leesburg, and as always it is great to see Liberty-minded folks willing to further the ideas which, as Mr. Bozell is famous for pointing out, is often lost on modern media and entertainment.

For more information on the Ronald Reagan Lecture Series, stay tuned to  Their next speaker (Christina Hoff Sommers, Author of The War Against Boys) will be in September, and the details are still being worked out.

Please "Pay in May"

We are a growing party and active in several states. Yet, there is more to do -- much more to do. We have plans and policies for membership outreach. We are launching a new marketing strategy that will offer our conservative brand to all of America. We have drive, dedication, and passion for the cause. What we need more of is money. It's never pleasant to ask for money, let alone discuss it amidst good company, but we know the rules of the game and money in politics is like air to the lungs. 

Please support us in any way you can during the month of May. For those that are too busy with life, work, and family, donating is a good substitute.

We are asking all conservatives to invest in their future and the security of our beloved America.