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Our Government is Meant to be a Substrate

Every day we hear one more group somewhere arguing for more of what we as a people do not have, and while the folks in Washington or Helena agree to hand over the tax receipts from next year in exchange for their reelection, it has to give us all pause to contemplate how we must look to an outside observer. In just two generations we have gone from a people who would rather go hungry than to ask for a hand out, to a huddled mass clamoring at the feet of our elected elite for table scraps.

We surround them!

They are supposed to work for us! From our school boards to our city councils and all the way to Washington, we have lost control over the hired help. And the best that we can hope for from our two party system, is grid-lock.  The time has passed for waiting for someone to come lead us out of bondage, get up! There is no one better suited than us, and this requires our immediate attention, and it needs to be focused on what is pertinent and prudent.

I believe the platform of the ACP does exactly that. Please take a few minutes to scrutinize the planks and if it is a foundation that is in line with your values please get involved and help us take our country back one school board , one water district and one county at a time.